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Ukrainian Fashion Department

Pop-up at Shoreditch Arts Club: 6-8 March

Join us for an exciting event celebrating International Women's Day with a special pop-up day featuring the latest collections from the Ukrainian fashion department. RSVP
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Ukrainian Fashion Department

The very best of Ukrainian fashion designers now in London. Explore Collections
Trousers GUDU
Model in dark blu Trousers GUDU front view
Model in dark blu Trousers GUDU back view
Trousers GUDU £250.00
Jacket GUDU
Model in black Jacket GUDU
Jacket GUDU £400.00
Skirt GUDU
Black Skirt GUDU front view
Model in black Skirt GUDU front view
Skirt GUDU £290.00
Skirt by GUDU
White Skirt #09 front view
White Skirt #09 back view
Skirt by GUDU £220.00
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