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by Nadya Dzyak

Long jacket with open back and 3d flower decor

SKU: UFD-ND-4130_36_black

Step into sophistication with Nadya Dzyak Black Long Jacket. This piece combines elegance with a touch of daring style, making it a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Crafted from a comfortable blend of Cotton (55%), Viscose (20%), Polyester (22%), and Elastane (3%), this jacket is designed for both comfort and style.

The open-back design adds a modern twist, creating a silhouette that's perfect for making a statement. Paired with the subtle 3D Flower Decor, it strikes a balance between boldness and refinement.

Lined with Viscose (97%) and Elastane (3%), the jacket not only looks good but feels great against your skin. It's a perfect choice for occasions where you want to blend style with comfort.

Whether you're navigating the urban landscape or attending a special event, Nadya Dzyak Black Long Jacket with Open Back and 3D Flower Decor is your go-to piece for timeless and contemporary fashion.

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