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by Oliz

Silk scarf "The factory is working" by Oleksiy Shovkunenko

SKU: UFD-OL-20236

A JOINT PROJECT BY OLIZ BRAND AND UNITED24 A scarf depicts the artwork of one of the most famous artists of Kherson of the 20th century. Oleksii Shovkunenko is a brilliant artist and teacher after whom the Kherson Art Museum was named. Oleksii Shevkunenko's creative works include portraits of famous Ukrainian cultural figures, such as Pavlo Tychyna, Yuriy Yanovskyi, Maksym Rylskyi, Volodymyr Zabolotnyi, Natalya Uzhviy. But the artist’s real fame came from his watercolors in which he depicted the daily life of workers and landscapes from different parts of Ukraine. Oleksii Shovkunenko won a gold medal of the Paris International Exhibition for his watercolors of the "Dniprobud" series in 1937.            

Silk scarf made of 100% silk by Oliz brand and UNITED24

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